Welcome To His Academy
His Academy Christian School of Excellence was established in August
2001 as a non-profit Christian school, a ministry of Unity of Faith Christian
Church, Inc., which teaches high spiritual and academic standards
servicing families in the Rockdale, Dekalb and Gwinnett county areas.

Our academic program is based upon the Word of God as the center of
all truth. Both the atmosphere and the curriculum at His Academy have
been distinctively Christ-centered.  Jesus Christ is preeminent (Col. 1:18)
and students are taught to love the Lord their God with all their hearts
(Deut. 6:5-7).

General Purpose of His Academy
It has always been a part of God’s plan for parents to be ultimately
responsible for the education and training of their children.
(Deuteronomy 6:6-9; Ephesians 6:4). The general purpose of His
Academy Christian School is to serve as an extension of the home by
assisting parents with the moral and spiritual training of children and by
providing technical assistance to the parents and children in mastering
academic skills and concepts. His Academy Christian School will guide
and establish learning experiences that will assist each student in
becoming a mature Christian person, as well as a responsible and
productive member of society.

To Jason Deli
Friday, Sept 30th

Now Enrolling
For The 2016-2017
School Year
Grades Offered
K5 - 12th
A Beka College Prep Curriculum
For additional information contact
the school at (770) 469-3056
5587 Redan Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30088
Inside of Crossroads Presbyterian Church

    Impacting The World
    For Christ,
    One Child At A Time
HiHis Academy is a Ministry of  
Unity of Faith Christian Church, Inc.

5587 Redan Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30088 - (770) 469-3056
Impacting The World for Christ, One Child At A Time
Lift Up Your Head And Aim High
hen You Do The Sky Is The Limit

Student Of The Month
Isaiah Todd Givan
Isaiah Todd Givan is a member of Unity of Faith Christian Church and has been a student at His Academy School of Excellence since
its inception. Isaiah has consistently excelled academically and has been an honor roll student each year.

With Isaiah, the challenge of excellence is not limited to the classroom. He has also achieved excellence in the martial art of Tan Soo
Do. He currently holds a 1st Degree black belt, several awards and trophies and is currently an assistant instructor to younger

Having a concern for the homeless community, and the desire to be an example, Isaiah has consistently volunteered at My Sister’s
House and the Atlanta Mission Day Shelter serving homeless women and children.

Being a member of the 2016 graduating class he is a very active member of the student body at His Academy. For the past two years
he has been involved in the production of the yearbook. Being apart of the staff has demonstrated an ability to be creative, organized
and a leader. Isaiah is also an energetic member of His Academy’s Dance Team, “Majestic Feet.”

After graduating from high school, Isaiah plans to pursue his post secondary education at Columbus State University, where he plans
to complete a degree in the discipline of English Literature and dance. His ultimate goal is to be an entrepreneur, owning his own
dance studio, teaching others to express themselves to the glory of God.

His favorite motto is: “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else.”
Congratulations To The
2016 High School & Kindergarten Graduates

Senior Ball 2016